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How to find products to sell on
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Amazon Chrome Extension

Accurate, Real-Time Product Research

Easily analyze Amazon results using our robust 150 million product ID database, and quickly validate your product’s success with at-a-glance analytics like sales estimates PLUS if the product is selling on

WallySmarter's Walmart Chrome Extension

Amazon Alert

24/7 Monitoring of Your Listings

Customized Alerts can be sent to different members of your Team. Identify problems immediately. Track competitors and Protect Lost Sales

Listing Creator

Use ChatGPT to Optimize Your Listing

We show the exact keywords you must use to optimize your listing. Or with 1 Click – let ChatGPT do all the heavy lifting with you, 

Product Database

Filter Entire Amazon Product List

Search through the entire 150 million products on Filter by category, price, sales, reviews. Use our powerful database to simplify your product research.

Niche Finder

The Riches Are In The Niches

We show you the average results, or niche, of every single keyword. Easily find profitable niches, where products sell a lot, but have low reviews – and are easy to compete with.

Reverse Ranking

See the Keywords any Product Ranks for

Spy on your competition. Find the exact keywords any product is ranking for, and then you can target those same keywords.

Related Keywords

Find the Best Keywords

Use our 20 million Amazon Keyword Database to find related keywords with the highest search volume, but with little supply.


Rank Tracker

Track how your products ranks for any keyword

You tell us to which keywords to track for which product and we check every 24 hours. See quickly how your launch is progressing.

Sales Estimator

Accurate and Easy-To-Use Estimator

You enter a product URL and we simply tell you exactly how many units that products sells per month on

Amazon API

Integrate with the most trusted API for Amazon insights

Get direct access to the most accurate Amazon insights for your business – offered exclusively for third-party integrations.

Walmart/Amazon Arbitrage

High Profit Arbitrage Products

See products to buy and resell for PROFITWe sort through millions of products for sale on Walmart and Amazon – and find you the gaps

Amazon Wholesale

Investigate Your Suppliers Product List

Upload your suppliers entire product list, and we tell you if the product is found already on What price is it being sold, how many units is it selling, and how many sellers are there?


Q: How to access ZonSmarter Amazon Seller Tools?

A: comprises 9 different tools to help Amazon sellers succeed. View product videos here.

Q: What is the pricing of this tool?

A: There are 2 plans: Basic and Professional. There is also a large discount for signing for an annual plan, versus monthly. View the detailed pricing comparison here.

Q: How many users can use this tool simultaneously?

A: Only one user can use the tool at a time. Should a 2nd user login, the first user will be automatically logged out.

Q: Can I get a refund if this tool doesn't perform according to my expectations?

A: Yes, we will refund, pro rata, any unused portion of your subscription back to you.

Q: Will I get dedicated support after buying this tool?

A: Yes. Our Customer Support is on hand to assist you 24/7.

Q: How to Contact Zonsmarter Customer Support?

A: Contact our Customer Support by clicking here.

Existing Stores AND New Sellers are Trusting ZonSmarter To Grow Their Businesses.

“I love how ZonSmarter makes everything so simple. I get that theres a ton of data – but I need to see only whats important to me… to get more sales and make more money.”

Dave G – Migrating his Walmart business into

“When I started on 4 years ago, there were still profitable niches to find. Now, Walmart is over-traded while Amazon offers better opportunities to new sellers. Thank goodness ZonSmarter shows me exacly what to focus on.”

Raquel Z – Experienced Online E-commerce seller

“Data is king. I choose what to sell based on how many units similar products sell – and that data must be accurate. Its unbelievable how ZonSmarter have such a large, and real-time updated, database of how much each product sells.”

Jorge B – Amazon FBA Expert

Join The Revolution are growing 40% year on year. They are actively looking for 3rd party sellers – and we help those 3rd party sellers win.

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