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Walmart API is the only software you need to run your Walmart Fulfillment Services Business. Firstly, it is a step-by-step guide for beginners to start Walmart product research and Walmart keyword research. Existing sellers will appreciate how we have accurate sales estimates for every single product on Walmart, and the keywords they rank for. Established businesses can maximise their existing factory relationships.

Exactly What You’re Getting:

Walmart Chrome Extension

See estimated sales of all products

  1. Do any regular keyword search.
  2. See the kewyord search volume of your keyword.
  3. See the estimated sales for every product.
  4. See the average sales and reviews for the page.
    (Look for a page with high sales and low reviews)
  5. See the keywords that rank for evey product shown on the page. (your roadmap to compete with that product)
  6. Find a possible supplier for any product you see.

Product Database

Search the entire database

  1. Search for products by category, price, reviews and sales.
  2. Find products that have high sales but few reviews.
  3. Preset filters help guide New Sellers, or Repeat Sellers.
  4. See the keywords that every product ranks for (your roadmap to compete with that product).
  5. Find a possible supplier for any product you see.

Niche Finder

Pages with Big Demand – Low Competition

  1. Find the average Page 1 revenue, reviews, price and sales.
  2. “The Riches Are in the Niches”
  3. Search for a page that has high sales but few reviews.
  4. Find opportunities with Smart Advanced Filters.
  5. See the related keywords that customers also use (your roadmap to compete with that product).
  6. Use our data to speed up your Walmart Product Research.

Reverse Ranking

See the exact keywords any product ranks for

  1. Search the keywords for any product on
  2. Know the keywords to dominate your competition.
  3. Get the exact keywords to use in Sponsored Ads.
  4. Data for over 200m products updated daily.
  5. See the search volume of any of the ranking keywords.

Related Keywords

Buyers also search for these keywords…

  1. See hundreds of keywords that customers also search for.
  2. See the search volume (demand) for any keyword.
  3. See the seasonality of this keyword (when it is searched for most).
  4. Ensure you have all these keywords in your Sponsored Ads.
  5. Find ideas of products to sell, similar to your existing product.

Hot Products

Find viral products before anyone else

  1. See the products improving their rank for the most keywords.
  2. This shows you which products are about to go viral.
  3. On, “The Trend is Your Friend”.
  4. See also which products are losing the most keywords
(don’t sell those!).
  5. Search any product on Walmart, and see their trend.

Sales Estimator

How many units a product sells on

  1. Simple to use – and highly accurate.
  2. Just enter any product and see the sales.
  3. See also which keywords that product ranks for.
  4. View possible suppliers for that product.
  5. Data on 200m products is refreshed daily.

Walmart Wholesale

Analyze your Factory Price List in Bulk

  1. Upload your entire factory price list in bulk.
  2. All we need is the UPC code.
  3. We then tell you if that product is sold on and how many units it sells.
  4. You can decide to create new listings for your existing products.
  5. See also if this product is available for sale on

Walmart API

Access our data in bulk

  1. Enterprise sellers will benefit from this.
  2. Access product sales and keyword data in bulk.
  3. Our developers will work with you.
  4. We share insights not available anywhere else.
  5. Accurate data updated daily.

In summary, You will have:


   Easy to follow, page by page tutorials

   24/7 Customer Support

   Accurate Data – updated daily

   Supportive Facebook Group

   Compare easily with

   7 Day Free Trial

   30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This launch deal may not be here tomorrow!!!

Value $2,499

$197 One Time - Like Junglescout / Helium10 for Sellers

This set of Walmart Tools is unique. We are the only company to provide
accurate product sales estimates and keyword research.

Why Sell on

Walmart market number of sellers graph

The Number of 3rd Party Sellers on is increasing.
Don’t let other Sellers get your piece of the pie. Statistics
  1. Walmart started Walmart Fulfilment Services in 2019.
  2. Walmart wishes to compete head-to-head with
  3. Walmart E-commerce revenue growing 90% over last 2 years.
  4. Non-USA Sellers allowed to participate.
Walmart vs
First allowed 3rd Party Sellers 2000 2019
Number of 3rd Party Sellers 6 Million + 150 000+
Number of Customers to Every Seller 48 1918
Average Unique visitors ( 111M 49M
Consequences if you don’t use
  1. Not knowing how many sales are on Page 1 for your targeted Niche.
  2. Not knowing how much demand there is for any Walmart keyword.
  3. Not knowing if the Walmart product sells on, and if so, how many units it sells, selling price, etc.
  4. Not knowing which keywords your competitors on are rnaking for.
  5. Not knowing the exact keywords to include in your Sponsored Ads.
  6. Not knowing which products are trending upwards and downwards on
  7. Not knowing how to find a supplier for any product on
  8. Not knowing which of your own supplier’s products are currently selling on
  9. Not knowing which are the categories most easy for a first-timer to compete in.

WallySmarter Walmart Mastermind

(Help From 7-figure Walmart Sellers)

All paid subscribers get access to our private Facebook support group.

100% Money-Back

We are very serious about this software and want you to be serious
too. We will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the
program within 30 days.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This launch deal may not be here tomorrow!!!

Value $2,499

$197 One Time - Like Junglescout / Helium10 for Sellers

Who are the target customers?

  1. Amazon Sellers – fed up with the competitive landscape on
  2. Existing sellers – looking to increase their revenue and sell more products.
  3. Aspring e-commerce entrepreneurs – looking for the next big thing.

Existing Stores AND New Sellers are Trusting WallySmarter To Grow Their Businesses.

“I love how WallySmarter makes everything so simple. I get that theres a ton of data – but I need to see only whats important to me… to get more sales and make more money.”

Dave G – Migrating his Amazon business into

“When I started on 4 years ago, there were still profitable niches to find. Now, Amazon is over-traded while Walmart offers better opportunities to new sellers. Thank goodness WallySmarter shows me exacly what to focus on.”

Raquel Z – Experienced Online E-commerce seller

“Data is king. I choose what to sell based on how many units similar products sell – and that data must be accurate. Its unbelievable how WallySmarter have such a large, and real-time updated, database of how much each product sells.”

Jorge B – Amazon FBA Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to access WallySmarter Walmart Seller Tools?

A: comprises 9 different tools to help Walmart sellers succeed. View product videos here.

Q: What is the pricing of this tool?

A: There are 2 plans: Basic and Professional. There is also a large discount for signing for an annual plan, versus monthly. View the detailed pricing comparison here.

Q: How many users can use this tool simultaneously?
A: Only one user can use the tool at a time. Should a 2nd user login, the first user will be automatically logged out.
Q: Can I get a refund if this tool doesn't perform according to my expectations?
A: Yes, we will refund, pro rata, any unused portion of your subscription back to you.
Q: Will I get dedicated support after buying this tool?
A: Yes. Our Customer Support is on hand to assist you 24/7.
Q: How to Contact Wallysmarter Customer Support?

A: Contact our Customer Support by clicking here.

If you want to find more profitable products to sell on then you need to use this software! - Like Junglescout / Helium10 for Sellers

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