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In one click, the extension populates based on the product page or search results page you’re browsing, giving you sales estimates and data projections in real-time.

Validate Your Product Ideas

Determine if a product is a worthwhile investment with the most accurate real-time data. Take out all the guesswork.

Access a Product’s Potential

Quickly validate or eliminate any product idea by comparing Page One averages as well as the Search Keyword Score

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Amazon Chrome Extension

Get The Most Accurate Amazon Sales Estimates

Our Chrome Extension’s flagship tool gives you access to over 450 million ASINs to help you identify your next successful product.

Amazon Chrome Extension

Everything for Your Business on

Easily analyze Amazon results using our robust 150 million product ID database, and quickly validate your product’s success with at-a-glance analytics like sales trends, profit estimates, and more.

WallySmarter's Walmart Chrome Extension


Q: Will I be able to use Chrome Extension while I’m on free trial?

A: Yes you may. All you need to do is sign up for a Free Trial account and choose a monthly or annual Legendary plan and you’ll be able to try out our Chrome Extension.

Q: How can I tell if the keyword I am searching for is profitable?

A: We show you how many of the first 10 products sell more than $5000 per month (ie, they have lots of demand) and how many of the first 10 products have less than 150 reviews (ie, they are not long-standing entrenched products). Find those gems!

Q: How up to date is your data?

A: Our Chrome Extension updates its data live – so it is 100% up to date.

Q: How to install your Chrome Extension?

A: You can view the first 20 seconds of our Chrome Extension video here which shows you how to install the Chrome Extension, and Pin it to your Chrome Browser. See the video here

Q: Why is Amazon Chrome Extension not working?

A: This is our most used tool – and it should definitely work. Please contact our Customer Support here and we will assist you 24 hours per day.

Q: How to use Amazon Chrome Extension?

A: Our Amazon Chrome Extension is the starting point of serious product research on See a quick intro here

Existing Stores AND New Sellers are Trusting ZonSmarter To Grow Their Businesses.

“I love how ZonSmarter makes everything so simple. I get that theres a ton of data – but I need to see only whats important to me… to get more sales and make more money.”

Dave G – Migrating his Amazon business into

“When I started on 4 years ago, there were still profitable niches to find. Now, Walmart is over-traded while Amazon offers better opportunities to new sellers. Thank goodness ZonSmarter shows me exacly what to focus on.”

Raquel Z – Experienced Online E-commerce seller

“Data is king. I choose what to sell based on how many units similar products sell – and that data must be accurate. Its unbelievable how ZonSmarter have such a large, and real-time updated, database of how much each product sells.”

Jorge B – Amazon FBA Expert

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