Why Walmart Product Videos are the Key to Increased Sales and Reduced PPC Costs

by | Jan 12, 2023 | News

    Learn why Walmart product videos are thought to be the best way to increase conversions, increase sales, and reduce PPC expenses!

    It’s all about maximizing your creative content and driving attention to your Walmart product listing in the cutthroat world of online retail! Possessing expertise in Walmart product videos is necessary to truly stand out and succeed. What makes product videos so crucial?

    Did you know that having a product video on your Walmart listing can:

    ✅ 85% more people will be more likely to buy your stuff.

    ✅ IMPROVE the purchasing confidence of 52% of consumers

    ✅ ADD 340% MORE TIME to each session on your listing

    ✅ SUPPLY 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines

      Customers can be entertained in a variety of ways.

      According to marketing expert Billy Gene, a lack of excitement or innovation can lead to a decline in business success. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding boredom in order to remain competitive in the market.

      Using videoS as a marketing tool can give your brand an advantage over competitors by showcasing the benefits and features of your products in an engaging and interactive way.

      This is especially important in the e-commerce space, where customers do not have the opportunity to physically interact with the product before making a purchase. By creating product videos, you can provide customers with a virtual experience that helps persuade them to choose your brand.

      Product videos can provide online shoppers with a better understanding of the benefits and features of a product, which can help them make informed purchasing decisions. By highlighting the “why” behind your product and evoking positive emotions, product videos can help to build trust and establish a strong connection with customers. The ultimate goal of product video creation is to create an engaging and enjoyable experience for the viewer.


      The Key Ingredients of a Great Walmart Product Video


      Don’t blend in with all the boring videos out there – make a splash and leave a lasting impression on your customers! The key to success is creating memorable and entertaining videos that will grab people’s attention and convince them to buy your product. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good laugh? So if you can make your customers smile, laugh, or cry (happy tears, of course), then you know you’re doing something right. Plus, the more entertaining your videos are, the more likely they are to be shared with others, giving you even more exposure. Here are a few key aspects on how to make a product video that converts shoppers into buyers on Walmart:



      It is important to feature individuals within your target demographic using your product in your video marketing efforts. For example, if your product is geared towards new mothers, make sure to include footage of new mothers using your product in your videos. This helps to showcase the relevance and practicality of your product to your intended audience.



      When creating product videos, it is important to choose a suitable song for the background music that aligns with the theme and message of your video. For example, if you are promoting a fitness product, consider using upbeat and energetic music to set the tone. There are many websites, such as, that offer a wide selection of royalty-free music that can be used in your videos.

      By carefully selecting the background music, you can further enhance the overall impact and effectiveness of your video.


      Props & Locations

      Including props and visually appealing locations in your product videos can help to make your products more attractive and relatable to your target audience. For example, if you are selling a cooking apron for women, you might consider filming a scene of a woman happily baking cookies in a bright, attractive kitchen to showcase the product in use. By using appropriate props and attractive locations, you can create a more engaging and visually appealing video that helps to promote your product on Walmart’s platform.


      Text Overlay and Motion Graphics

      Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with the ability to multitask – some folks need to see AND hear what’s going on to fully grasp what’s happening.

      That’s where subtitles come in handy – they allow viewers to both listen to and read what’s being said, so they don’t miss a thing. So when you’re creating your product videos, make sure to think about what you want your customers to feel and think while watching each scene. And if it makes sense, go ahead and throw in some text overlays to really drive the message home.

      For example, if you’re selling a child’s paint set and you have a scene of a little one washing the paint off their hands, you could include some bubbles and a cute kids’ font that says something like “Easy to wash off without harsh scrubbing” – it’ll make the whole thing a little more fun and memorable.


      Storyboard Your Vision

      Okay, let’s get serious here for a minute – if you want to create a successful Walmart listing and product video, you gotta have a plan in place. Without a plan, you might as well just plan to fail. So take the time to carefully map out each scene you want to include, along with all the fun stuff like text overlays, graphics, locations, models, and props. Trust us, it’ll save you a lot of headaches (and probably some tears) in the long run.


      Professional Videography & Editing

      The quality of your finished product video can be significantly impacted by the equipment, lighting, and technical skills used during the filming and editing process. Investing in high-quality equipment and ensuring that you have the necessary skills to properly use it can make a big difference in the final result.


      Taking Advantage of Product Video

      Your product or brand video can serve as a valuable asset for both branding and increasing sales. There are numerous ways in which you can utilize the video to achieve these goals.

      1. You can feature your product video as the seventh image in your main image stack on Walmart, which will be displayed with a play button. This allows customers to easily access and watch the video while browsing your product listing.
      2. You can easily add your product video to the “Videos” section of your Walmart listing by having a friend upload it for you. This will allow customers to access and view the video directly from your product listing.
      3. Add a Video in your Storefront.
      4. Use the same video on your Social Media Channels. This solidifies branding.
      5. Sponsored Video Ads definitely is a successful tactic in marketing.

      To stand out and succeed in the competitive world of online retail, it’s crucial to use creative content and draw attention to your Walmart product listing., Having a mastery of Walmart product videos is essential to truly differentiate yourself. Invest in creating striking product videos today to enhance your online presence!